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Bold tents, pavilions and inflatables for your events!

New event tents by Pro-Tent Switzerland • Quality inflatables at an attractive price


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Quality by Pro-Tent:


  • Comprehensive consultation
  • Solid systems
  • Spare parts available long-term
  • Print service
  • Design options
  • Useful accessories
  • 25 years of practical experience
  • Repair and cleaning service

pep!tent is the emerging brand for bold tents, developed by the Swiss pioneer for pop-up tents: PRO-TENT Switzerland.


The inventor of the aluminium pop-up tent presents inflatable tents and specials, star tents, pop-up tents and dome tents for events. Discover attractively priced, high-quality event tents for presentations, official and private events.


tents and more for your events


New pop-up tents for events and presentations

14 colours • three sizes • two versions • 5 years guarantee on spare parts


Take your pick from 14 attractive colours other than those that are standard in the industry for the roofs and side walls of these pep!tent event tents and pavilions and combine them as you wish — at no extra cost!


View all standard colours in this pdf file: download now …


pop-up tent in turquoise, khaki and grass green There‘s no reason not to stand out any more. More colours for your customised presence Creating a good impression, even with two walls Pink and berry - certainly attracts attention! Easy set up Connect side walls with zips - airtight and secreted from prying eyes


Left: Hexagon 50, right: Hexagon 40. Below: standard weight plate

Hexagon 50: scissor bars and roof profiles are connected with screws Hexagon 40: plastic connectors for corner poles and roof profiles Weight plate incl. carry bag Carry bags for side walls Thanks to many little tricks, we have significantly facilitated set-up pep!tent carry bag for the folding frame



Hexagon 40: slim, lightweight folding frame with 40 mm profiles


  • Aluminium construction, connectors made from black plastic
  • Sizes: 3 x 3 m/4,5 x 3 m/6 x 3 m


Hexagon 50: durable, thanks to sturdy 50 mm profiles


  • Aluminium construction, aluminium die-cast connectors
  • Sizes: 3 x 3 m/4,5 x 3 m/6 x 3 m


The side walls fit both frames. The fabric quality is superior: PU coated on one side, waterproof and certified in accordance with EU standard B2.


Fabrics - B2 certified • Side wall normal (3 m and 4.5 m)

• Side wall with door (3 m and 4.5 m)

• Side wall with panorama window (3 m)

• Half-height side wall (3 m)

• For 6 x 3 m frames: two walls of 3 m each per long side, connected by a zip

• Alternatively, ask for roofs and side walls made from PVC (black or white)


Delivery including a simple anchoring set comprising tent pegs and carry bags for the frame and fabric. Optional accessories, such as the awning for the market stand, sand bags or rain gutters are also available. All prices stated attract VAT and delivery costs.


Request your customised offer: or direct: +41 55 260 28 12 / +49 (0)7531 941 30 99



Dome tents: cathedrals for your events

A genuine eye-catcher • set up within 30 to 45 minutes • can be combined • available in two different materials


Modern tents with long-distance impact: Dome tents. Do you want your dome tent to feature a customised print, entrance arch or a side wall with panorama window?You can also easily connect several dome tents of the same size (4.5 m or 6 m).


Dome tent: Branding as required Set-up and placement of a pavilion Dome pavilion in bold colours Open - in more than one way: open day Focal point and crowd puller at all events



What does a dome tent cost?Our dome tents are based on five poles. The frame and legs are either available in galvanised steel or anodised aluminium. Standard colours: white, black, blue, red, green and grey. The following sizes are available:


• 3 m (surface area: approx. 15.5 m²)

• 4.5 m (surface area: approx. 35 m²)

• 6 m (surface area: approx. 62 m²)

• 9 m and 12 m are available on request


Delivery is effected including the anchoring set, comprising the tent pegs and carry bags. Side walls can easily be integrated by zips.

Further accessories such as an anchoring set for pros, connecting tunnel, entrance arch (awning) and fabric cladding, side walls with door or panorama window and more are available on request.


All prices stated attract VAT and delivery costs. Delivery period: 4-6 weeks. Express service is available!


Place a query for your dome tent.



Star tents as a snappy alternative

Set up within 5 to 10 minutes • sustainable effect • customised printing available


Due to their unconventional form, star tents attract attention at every event, they score highly thanks to their easy handling and low weight.


Star tents by pep!tent are rapidly set up Long-distance impact: star tents Customised print? We are happy to help! Dome tents, inflatable tents and more



What does a star tent cost? The support rod and base made from galvanised steel ensure adequate stability; the roof is PU coated on one side and therefore waterproof, UV resistant and flame retardant. Other colours, apart from the standard colours white, black, red, green, grey and blue, are available on request and you can have the tent roof printed as you wish.


Order the star tent in two different sizes (further sizes available on request):


• 12 m (height 5 m, entrance height approx. 2 m)

• 16 m (height: 5.6 m, entrance height approx. 2 m)


All prices stated attract VAT and delivery costs.


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Inflatable advertising media and eye-catchers for festivities, events and trade fairs

Attract more attention with inflatables: Arches, advertising columns, your products and logos in 3-D


Attract more attention with inflatables


Attract attention with distinctive inflatables: Use additional eye-catchers for your next presentation at a city festival or trade fair: We offer inflatable advertising media of the highest quality for both indoors and outdoors.


In addition to inflatable tents in a wide variety of designs, you will also find inflatable columns, arches, walls, cubes, towers, sky ads or airdancers. We can also supply custom-tailored 3-D forms of your products or logos – simply ask us for details!



Inflatable tents

Two versions that virtually set up themselves • Three standard sizes


Inflatable tents by pep!tent are waterproof, UV resistant and flame retardant. They are available in three standard sizes and two versions:


Version 1: Air chambers made from PU coated fabric for the operation with an air blower. Cheaper to purchase but continuous power requirements.

Version 2: Air chambers made from high-quality PVC. Set up is effected with an electric air pump, the air remains in place for several days.


Interior view of an inflatable igloo tentInflatable tent with lighting and information barInflatable igloo tents with connecting tunnelsInflatable tent with corners: Corner5 metre illuminated inflatable tent


Delivery is effected including the air pump or air blower, simple anchoring set with tent pegs, repair kit and sand bags (empty). Side walls for a closed tent design are optionally available.


The standard sizes:


• 4 x 4 m

• 5 x 5 m

• 6 x 6 m


All prices stated attract VAT and delivery costs.

Are you interested in other sizes, forms and colours? We are happy to calculate a tent that meets your requirements.



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Inflatable arches for sports and other events


Inflatable arches can be supplied in rounded form, with 3-D buttons parading your logo, with lighting, and in semi-circle or angular form, for example as an arch over the finishing line for a fun run.


Arch with permanent blower and lightingFor action-packed events such as competitions – the eye-catcherArch with 3-D buttonRound arch with 3-D buttonSmall, self-supporting arch


You can specify form, size, colour and of course, your personalised print. And achieve fantastic effects. After all, what ultimately counts for you is getting your advertising message across in the right place at the right time.


Facts about inflatable arches:


  • Air chambers made from either PU-coated fabric (permanent blower) or high-quality PVC (pneumatic version)
  • Delivery includes the air pump or blower, repair kit, anchoring set and carry bag
  • Optionally available with integrated lighting (either LED or halogen)
  • 3-D logos can be integrated
  • Available in 30 standard colours
  • Optional exchangeable Velcro banner (e.g.: START)
  • Size, form, colour and print manufactured to your requirements
  • Foot plates available on request
  • Production time for customised sizes: 4-6 weeks
  • Express production available on request: approx. 2 weeks



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Inflatable advertising columns


Classical shape or massive bottles, the light & easy column or a 4 m MAX giant column: Inflatable advertising columns are quick to set up and easy to transport.


Inflatable advertising columns with lighting


The covers are easily exchanged with zippers and are suitable for high-quality sublimation printing. The blower, cover and interior lighting are stored in the base – it could hardly be more practical!


Information on the advertising columns


  • Air chambers made from either PU-coated fabric (permanent blower) or high-quality PVC
  • Delivery includes the air pump or blower, repair kit and anchoring set
  • Optionally available with integrated lighting (either LED or halogen)
  • Quick and easy to set up and take down
  • The base also serves as the packing unit
  • Available in 30 standard colours
  • Subjects are easy to exchange with the help of zippers
  • Size, form, colour and print manufactured to your requirements
  • Production time for customised sizes: 4-6 weeks
  • Express production available on request: approx. 2 weeks



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Inflatable specials – from logos to mascots

Shapes, colours and effects: We inflate your ideas to their true magnitude


Your club’s mascot in an impressive size, product reproductions as inflatable advertising media at trade fairs and events, or the company logo as an eye-catcher on your company building: When it comes to shapes that can be filled with air, the sky is virtually the limit in terms of feasibility.


Inflatable specials – from company logos to mascots


We therefore offer not just the standard forms of inflatable advertising media but specials as well, from helium balloons to SkyDancers and from inflatable logos in 3-D to printable cubes. Just give us a call or send us your query – we are always glad to help you.


Inflatable mascots - gigantic for maximum impact from a distanceIs your product suitable for an inflatable model too? We check it outAn inflatable model vehicle – a great eye-catcher for promotionsSpacey SkydancerWalls, cubes and towers for your advertising messagesLogo: We will design an inflatable company logo for you



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Inflatable movie screen


Ideal for events and football broadcasts. Both front and back projection are possible. The movie screen can float, the PVC frame is printable.


• 4 x 3 m (price example on the right) or the dimensions of your choice

• 0.6 mm thick PVC, UV stabilised

• Delivery including an air pump, repair set and simple anchoring set

• Size, colour and print in accordance with your requirements

• Production time for customised sizes: 4-6 weeks

• Express production available on request: approx. 2 weeks



The movie screen for good visibilityConnect existing beamer and utilise screen!




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